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szept 01, 2010

The Perfect Service Interface

Plant operators often need access to devices inside the control cabinet. They program controls, refresh process data, install updates, and scan data. Murrelektronik's Modlink MSDD ensure quick and safe access to the control cabinet for service and maintenance work.

The front panel interface connects the control cabinet to the system outside of it. It is not necessary to open the cabinet door to transfer data or to connect power.  This ensures safety and protection. Modlink MSDD avoids complicated and improvised cabling solutions, thus reducing the risk of errors and accidents.

Modlink MSDD is designed as modular system: Various data connector inserts (e.g. USB, Sub-D, or RJ45) and different country specific outlets are available. This makes the front panel interfaces suitable for installations worldwide. A total of 4,000 combination options are possible. The front panel interfaces are supplied with transparent covers or in a full metal design. They are protected against dust and splashing water up to IP65 requirements.