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december 17, 2019

The next level of decentralization

Murrelektronik creates connections: from the sensor-actuator level onto the machine via the controller and now also into the cloud. Our solutions put us at the forefront of emerging technological trends. We focus on one main objective: to provide unrivalled service and support to our customers when implementing new automation technologies. Together, we realize the best solution and achieve the benefits in the most cost-effective way.

Technologies are changing. Digitalization offers brand new possibilities. New standards are emerging. Companies in the machine and plant engineering sector are offering their customers new, modular concepts for increased system flexibility.

 Today, they’re faced not only with implementing automation projects economically, but they must also design their concepts so that they are open to future control and cloud concepts. The goal is to create open structures that pioneer the way into the information revolution of industry 4.0.

At trade shows and industry events, new concepts for machines and systems are presented that are impressive with their future technology. However, they often don’t withstand the practical application: the new, idealistic solutions are expensive and complex to implement. Murrelektronik supports manufacturers by designing automation solutions for machines and plants that match their practical requirements while remaining competitively advantageous.

From our point of view, creating modular machine elements is an essential success factor in building future-proofed machines and systems. It’s becoming more important to create a solid machine foundation that controls central functions. The optional modules and supporting functional units that are necessary for the specific applications (and are often manufactured by subcontractors) are then connected to the machine’s foundation. This goes hand in hand with decentralization: components and functions are relocated from the control cabinet to the industrial field. This embodies our concept of “zero cabinet.”

Of course this concept is intended to be challenging! We know that machines and systems realistically won't work without a control cabinet. But we are convinced that there will be (much) fewer control cabinets or junction boxes and that these can be (significantly) smaller.

What does this look like in actual terms? For example: only a small control cabinet is needed for the machine’s foundation. This is where compact and powerful components that work perfectly together are installed. Our prime example is the combination of Emparro® power supplies with the innovative Mico Pro® current protection system and Xelity series switches. This system ensures that your machine will be perfectly supplied with power, protected with active diagnostics and networked for success. Adding of a cloud interface like nexogate® from Murrelektronik makes service data available globally.

When we look at machine architecture we come to the next important question: How are options and decentralized functional units connected to the machine’s foundation? The answer lies in the protection class IP67: modular functional units can be equipped almost exclusively with IP67 components in the future.

Using IP67 power supply units near the load has many advantages, for instance eliminating long cables because the conversion of the mains voltage to 24 VDC takes place directly at the functional unit. This reduces energy consumption and minimizes wiring efforts. Supply cables into the field can have a smaller cross-section can be used because there is a higher mains voltage.

High-performance switches are used for data communication. They enable various installation topologies such as tree, star or ring structures and ensure that data communication is smooth and error-free. Murrelektronik’s innovative fieldbus solutions like the modular Cube67 system or the 3-in-1 I/O module, MVK Fusion, enable decentralized, functional units to be economically implemented. As part of a new system or easily integrated into an existing system.

The Clou: Now, machine builders can integrate the supporting functional units via 2 cables. One cable for energy, the other for data communication. These interfaces are designed standard across all IP67 I/O units. This is an easy-to-handle solution that specifically helps reduce costs - less material is required, and the system is faster.

We look forward to establishing successful modularization of machines and systems with our customers. We can supply the necessary infrastructure to economically connect the machine’s foundation to the functional units. Our solutions help to improve performance, provide precise fault diagnostics, predictive maintenance, intelligent troubleshooting, simplified spare parts procurement...and more!

We are on your side on the road to the future. Get in touch with us now to talk about implementing new technologies so that you can start taking advantage of the competitive edge. This will take you to a new level of decentralization!



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