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december 14, 2023

A high-performance all-rounder

The Vario-X Controller from Murrelektronik is a robust and reliable industrial PC for challenging production and manufacturing applications.

Vario-X from Murrelektronik is a modular automation system that brings sensors and actuators into the immediate machine environment on a decentralized basis and offers a flexible, scalable solution for all applications. By developing the Vario-X Controller, Murrelektronik has now created a high-performance and versatile industrial PC that, as a decentralized controller, can either be used at the heart of a machine or incorporated into a higher-level control network. Besides a large number of physical interfaces, it also offers a wide range of communication protocols. Thanks to an IP67 protection class, it can be installed directly on the machine, which paves the way for cutting-edge decentralized installation concepts without a control cabinet.

Highly versatile

The Vario-X Controller impresses with its powerful quad-core CPU, which enables it to achieve short cycle times and handle large volumes of data. CODESYS V3 PLC functionality means it can autonomously control machinery and systems, while EtherCAT master functionality facilitates the high-performance connection of field devices such as drives and I/O modules. The Vario-X Controller can be incorporated into higher-level control systems via the PROFINET and EtherNet/IP Device interfaces. Machine modules can thus be autonomously automated using the Vario-X Controller and then communicate with each other at the higher level.

Visualizations can be created in CODESYS V3 and depicted using WebVisu on any kind of local or remote display/control unit, such as HMIs, smartphones, tablets and PCs. Furthermore, independent gigabit Ethernet interfaces ensure a reliable connection to the cloud. Besides being utilized as an EDGE gateway, the Vario-X Controller can also be used as an EDGE controller to handle data preprocessing and communication from sensor to cloud. Meanwhile, integrated predictive maintenance sensors monitor the status of the Vario-X system.

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