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október 17, 2023

Mico67 – load circuit monitoring in the field

As early as necessary, as late as possible – intelligent shutdown is the standout feature of Mico, the power distribution module from Murrelektronik. Mico67 enhances decentralized installation solutions and takes load circuit monitoring from the control cabinet out into the field.

Murrelektronik has now added two new modules for electronic overcurrent protection to the Mico product family. An IP67 protection class makes these modules ideal for applications where a large number of sensors and actuators with similar requirements are protected. An M12 L-coded connector supplies the modules with a current of up to 16 A, which can also be transmitted in some variants. Each module is equipped with 4x M12 A-coded NEC Class 2 ports with 2 A or 4 A protection, depending on the variant. This paves the way for completely new installation concepts to create power supply solutions.

Requiring no pre-assembly, the modules also boast a temperature-resistant and highly compact design. LEDs display the operating status of each port and flash to indicate when a 90 percent load is reached. In the case of overloading or a short-circuit, the LEDs flash red and Mico67 immediately shuts down the relevant port. Disconnecting the input voltage makes a reset easy.

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